Women's College Soccer Recruits

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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Breanna Wright Southside Heat Right Wing2021
Jada Ross Southside Heat 2020
Surrayah Ahnjee-Morgan Southside Heat 2022
Trinity Kelley Southside Heat Defender2019
Maya Askew Southside Heat Defensive/Mid2021
Olivia Fedie Effingham United '01G Center Defender2019
Ashlynn Goff Effingham United '01G Defensive/Mid2020
Kaylin Simmons GA Rush 05G Rush 2022
Brooklyn Goins GA Rush 05G Rush 2018
Sarah Rogers GA Rush 05G Rush 2018
Lily Shaban GA Rush 05G Rush 2022
Gracie Thompson Effingham United '01G Defender2020
Samantha Garcia MAYS Striker 04G Premier 2022
Savanna Landis Effingham United '01G 2019
Savannah Krohne Effingham United '01G 2020
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PRESGA2 2018 F F N 5 0