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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Matthew Oluyide Smyrna SC 2001 White Defensive/Mid2019
Gus Feinour Smyrna SC 2001 White 2020
Andrew Medeiros UFA 03B White Defensive/Mid2018
Cristhian Lopez CFA Correcaminos 02 Boys 2020
Sekhu Franklin SAF U16 2002 Premier Boys 2020
Suaveh Staten PPA GS 02B Silver Left Wing2020
Andrew Norville Liberty Boys 06 Goalie2020
Myles Fountain All In FC 02 Boys Black 2020
Christian Aparicio CFA Dalton Premier 2018
Kristofer Vilcapoma UFA Lawrenceville 02B Premier 2018
Jose Bautista SSA Chelsea 01B Select Blue I Forward/Mid2020
Tyler Boyett Liberty Boys 06 2020
Galileu Carvalho Liberty Boys 06 2020
Jeffrey Arevalo Smyrna SC 2001 White Right Wing2019
Mason Harvill Athens United 01 Gold Center Defender2019
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PRESGA2 2018 F M 2 0
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